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Connewarran Press is a family owned and operated art agency passionate about producing Australian fine art for art lovers, collectors and artists alike. Our mission is to connect beautiful works of art with enthusiastic new owners and to provide a platform for established Australian artists. We offer prints and reproductions, wallpaper and stationery carefully selected and curated by our experts. Visit our store to browse our gallery of works available for purchase.

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Producing Fine Art Since 1982

Connewarran Press was born out of true love and passion for art. Established in 1982, the original founder Jenny Weatherly was married to wildlife artist Richard Weatherly and living with two young children on a rural property in Victoria, Australia. In the midst of busy family life, Jenny’s hard work and determination rose

to the challenge Connewarran Press presented. Fast track 30 years and the baton has passed to Skye, Jenny and Richard’s daughter and also a mother of two, who continues to manage the family business.

Today, Connewarran Press aims to deliver archival quality Australian prints and reproductions to art collectors all over the world. You can visit our store to view our limited edition prints and reproductions for sale. Original Richard Weatherly artworks are also available for sale at the Richard Weatherly store.


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“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


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